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Business Owner Tales from the Trenches

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Join Cannon Carr, CEO and Business Owner at CornerCap, as he has conversations with entrepreneurs on lessons learned from the trenches. Cannon and his guests talk about sustaining business success, while appreciating financial independence along the way.

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Ep 11: Reinventing an Iconic Brand with Stephanie Stuckey

By |August 8, 2023|

Stephanie Stuckey, the CEO of Stuckey’s Corporation, breathes new life into the brand that she refers to as an 87-year-old start-up. After a 10-year career as a lawyer and politician, Stephanie followed her heart back to her family’s roots and acquired her grandfather’s business, which had spent years under corporate ownership. Throughout this episode, […]

Ep 10: Part Two: Board Development with Joel Koblentz

By |July 4, 2023|

In this episode, we continue our insightful conversation with Joel Koblentz, Founding Partner at The Koblentz Group, as we delve into the crucial topic of building an advisory board. Our focus today is on entrepreneurs and how they can develop a strong board of advisors to support their company’s growth. Joel shares his experience […]

Ep 10: Part One: Succession Planning with Joel Koblentz

By |July 4, 2023|

In this episode, we tackle the often-neglected topic of succession planning, and our expert guest, Joel Koblentz, Founding Partner at The Koblentz Group, sheds light on this crucial subject. With a remarkable track record in board assignments, board development, and executive recruitment, Joel and his team excel at aligning human capital with business value […]

Ep 08: Establishing Authentic Leadership with Nancy Simms

By |June 6, 2023|

What does it take to lead and preserve a legendary fast-food institution through generations? In this episode, we sit down with Nancy Simms, the CEO of The Varsity, one of Atlanta’s most historic and iconic restaurants. Nancy unexpectedly took over the reins in 1983 and is now preparing to pass on the […]

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