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Business Owner Tales from the Trenches

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Join Cannon Carr, CEO and Business Owner at CornerCap, as he has conversations with entrepreneurs on lessons learned from the trenches. Cannon and his guests talk about sustaining business success, while appreciating financial independence along the way.

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Ep 23: Thinking Through Your Exit Early with Entrepreneur and Coach Catherine Cates

By |February 20, 2024|

The entrepreneurial journey is often filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, and everything in between, and our guest today has seen that firsthand. Having moved from a corporate career to become an entrepreneur—and then a coach for entrepreneurs—Catherine Cates joins the show today to share insight from her hands-on experiences in the […]

Ep 21: Lessons from a Rockstar Drummer: The Mindset for Success with Sandy Gennaro

By |January 23, 2024|

Step into the rhythm of success with Sandy Gennaro, a rock and roll drummer turned motivational speaker, as he shares the unconventional beats of his entrepreneurial journey. Discover the secrets behind his strategic approach to saying ‘yes’ at the right time and how this mindset shapes his personal and professional growth, turning adversity into […]

Ep 20: Elder Care: Executing on First Mover Advantage with Paige Wilson

By |January 8, 2024|

Hear about the secrets to sustaining a first mover advantage with Paige Wilson, a former finance executive turned entrepreneur. Paige shares the journey of creating Naborforce, a groundbreaking business addressing the void in caregiver support. In this episode, she shares the mindset that fueled her entrepreneurial path and the challenges of marketing in uncharted […]

Ep 19: Profit with Purpose for Impact: Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship with Kashi Sehgal

By |December 19, 2023|

How does a business leader successfully navigate the intricate dance between profit, purpose, and impact? In today’s episode, we’re talking with Kashi Sehgal, a mission-driven entrepreneur. As she shares her story, you’ll hear about the fascinating intersection where profitability meets purpose, offering lessons on blending business acumen with a commitment to making a positive […]

Ep 18: “Lightning in a Bottle”: Turning a Proven Product into a Scalable Business with Jesslyn Rollins

By |December 5, 2023|

In the journey of entrepreneurship, creating a thriving business from an existing product requires a unique set of skills and a keen understanding of market needs. In this episode, we dive into the incredible story of Jesslyn Rollins, the CEO of BIOLYTE®, a family-owned business that originated from her father’s innovative idea. From grassroots […]

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