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Business Owner Tales from the Trenches

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Join Cannon Carr, CEO and Business Owner at CornerCap, as he has conversations with entrepreneurs on lessons learned from the trenches. Cannon and his guests talk about sustaining business success, while appreciating financial independence along the way.

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Ep 16: From Teacher to Entrepreneur: Building a Diversified Culinary Brand with Vera Stewart

By |November 7, 2023|

Join us for an inspiring journey with Vera Stewart, a remarkable entrepreneur who embarked on a diverse culinary career after starting as a teacher. Vera’s story is one of tenacity, creativity, and thinking outside the box. In this episode, you’ll learn how she transitioned from teaching to establishing a culinary empire, including cookbooks, a […]

Ep 15: Discovering How to Do Your Side Hustle the Right Way

By |October 24, 2023|

How do you transform a side hustle into a thriving business venture? That’s the question at the heart of this episode, as we delve into the exciting journey of Sander Biehn, CEO of Ready For Social, a platform designed to help entrepreneurs conquer the world of social media. Discover the crucial balance between short-term […]

Ep 12: The Art of Resiliency with Chuck Wolf

By |August 22, 2023|

Chuck Wolf founded Wolf Camera in the 1970s, and it quickly grew to one of the biggest national retailers of cameras and photofinishing. After merging in 2001, he pivoted to start a marketing consultancy, and has also recently founded Wolf Camera & Photo Design. Today, Chuck joins the show to share his impressive history […]

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