Ep 01: From Actuary to Dynamic BizDev to Owner: Secrets to Growth and Understanding Your WHY with Mo Bunnell

By Published On: April 11, 2023Categories: Podcast1.4 min read

Welcome to Appreciating the Entrepreneurial Journey! This podcast is for business owners who want to see around corners and thrive financially. I’m your host, Cannon Carr, CEO at CornerCap Wealth Advisors, and each week I will be sharing lessons learned from the trenches of entrepreneurship, business success, and financial independence.

In this inaugural episode, we are joined by Mo Bunnell, CEO & Founder of Bunnell Idea Group. Listen in as Mo walks us through those inevitable (and sometimes incredible) challenges that business owners face and shares advice that will help you frame your own thinking about growth choices and purpose. You will learn how to find your “why,” the importance of working on the business rather than in the business, and how to avoid spending time on the things you shouldn’t be worrying about.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Mo made the leap into business development.
  • When he decided he wanted to become an entrepreneur.
  • How he found the confidence to start a business on his own.
  • The pivots that Mo’s business had to make over the years.
  • The importance of understanding your “why.”
  • How Mo navigated the lowest points in his business.
  • When is stubbornness a virtue—and when is it a vice?

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “Understanding why you do what you do is really powerful.” – Mo Bunnell
  • “It’s really important to pin down your ‘why’ and remind yourself of it often because it keeps you going when you have nothing else.” – Mo Bunnell
  • “Great high points come out of great low points.” – Mo Bunnell


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